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More than 35 years of experience in the logistics sector guarantee us to be able to offer our clients any kind of service.


Choose the service you want to know about


Choose the service you want to know about

About us

Since it’s origins more than 35 years ago, Merzcargo Forwarding has been growing and expanding its services to become one of the most recognized companies in the logistics sector worldwide in any of the modalities of Maritime, Air, Land, and Rail freight.


Air Freight

Flexibility, agility and efficiency in costs and services in air freight

Air freight is one of the most used transport mode to carry out export and import operations in the current market.

Besides, it has no physical limitations and its most remarkable advantage over the rest of the transport routes is the speed at which it makes the journeys and, therefore, the speed with we can receive and send the cargo. In addition, in this way we can ship our merchandise to almost all places of the world.


Ocean freight

Ocean freight services adapted to your cargo

Transport of goods by sea is the main driver of international trade. You can import or export products between continents at reduced costs, regardless of their volume or nature.


Road and rail freight

Flexible solutions at competitive prices

Road transport allows to send any kind of merchandise thanks to the balance between price and conservation, including perishable food and beverages.

Thanks to the existence of wide road network, services such as door-to-door pickup and delivery can be offered.
We offer rail freight option too, which is more economic.


Logistics services

Multiple levels of solutions for your logistics

Logistics are all the operations carried out to make possible for a product to reach the consumer from the place where the raw materials are obtained, going through the place of production.

Reliability, storage and competitive distribution rates make our services a reliable alternative for logistics outsourcing.

Machinery transport – Ro-Ro service
Goods transport
Perishables-food transport
Dangerous goods transport

Machinery transport – Ro-Ro service

Our experience transporting machinery has made MERZCARGO position itself in the market as a strategic supplier when it comes to entrusting its oversized loads to our Transport Engineers.

Goods transport

With more than 70 direct services of Export and Import consolidations, we guarantee direct traceability of your goods. Our different freight transport options are adapted to the specific needs of each customer.

Perishables-food transport

Our perishable products and food department has all the necessary means to guarantee the optimal conditions of conservation, handling and distribution of all your products.

Dangerous goods transport

Transport and distribution of this kind of cargo are personalized services for each of our clients in the chemical industry and dangerous goods.


Merzcargo Forwarding (Headquarters)

C/ Metalurgia, nº 32, Planta 5ª
Edificio ATO · 08038 Barcelona
Telf: (+34) 932 697 276

Merzcargo Forwarding (Headquarters)

C/ Metalurgia, nº 32, Planta 5ª Edificio ATO · 08038 Barcelona

Telf: (+34) 902 676 453


Carrer Metalurgia nº 32 Planta 5, 08038 · Barcelona Telf: (+34) 932 697 276


Carrer Vicente Gallart nº 2,
46011 · Valencia
Telf: (+34) 963 176 900


Estrada Baños de Arteixo nº 43, Marineda City Business Center Portal A, Planta 3 – 15008 · A Coruña
Telf: (+34) 881 246 150


Calle Clavel nº 3, Planta 1,
38003 · Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Telf: (+34) 922 290 403


C/ Doctor José Guerra Navarro 6, Planta 2ª,
35008 · Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Telf: (+34) 928 471 628


Avda. Sur Aeropuerto de Barajas nº 24, 4ºB, Centro de Negocios Eisenhower, 28042 · Madrid
Telf: (+34) 914 358 190