The ports of Barcelona and Mumbai have signed a collaboration agreement

The president of the Port Authority of Barcelona ( APB) , Sixtus Cambra, and his counterpart from the port of Mumbai, Rajeev Gupta, signed on November 28 an agreement that aims to establish the basis for developing collaborative projects in the future.

The signing took place in the context of institutional and entrepreneurial journey of the Government in India and in the presence of President of the Catalan Government , Artur Mas.

The agreement provides for the exchange of information relating to logistics developments that take place in both territories ( promotion, trade missions , infrastructure, etc. . ) .

It also aims to develop joint programs and projects with respect to the port-city relationships (with the Port Vell as a model ), the cruise industry and freight traffic , mainly containers , chemicals and vehicles.

It is also proposed to exchange information on port management, infrastructure construction , planning for container berths and computer developments aimed at improving port management .

Source : Maritime