Peru increased imports of construction machinery

The projections suggest that Maximixe consultant in the course of this year , imports of construction machinery in the Andean country will reach 595.4 million dollars (just over 430 million euros) , a figure that reflects a slight increase of 0.4 % over the previous year.

According to information gathered by the portal Economics America , the expansion would be driven by increased purchases of excavators abroad ( 0.3 % ) , wheel loaders ( 1%), soil compaction ( 1.8%), backhoe ( 2.5%) , graders ( 2.6%) and skid ( 2.7%).

For consulting firm , forecasts growth of imports of construction machinery in Peru will be influenced by the rise in private investment, which could grow by 8.2 % during the year, Sharp said growth dynamics several key sectors such as real estate , industrial, energy and mining .

In turn , public – investment agreement with the government policy of social inclusion will grow 14.7 % YoY due to higher budget for project implementation of land transport and sanitation.

Finally, the report concludes Maximixe purchase abroad of capital goods for industry evolve Peru 2.4% , after reaching 8.513 million dollars (about 6,180 million euros ) last year.

Source: ICEX