General cargo

Reliability, storage and competitive distribution rates, make our services a trustworthy alternative for logistics outsourcing

With over 70 of our own direct services for consolidated containers for Export and Import, we guarantee the direct traceability of your goods. Our Air transport options are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Proving that a logistics company can meet your demands is not easy; it requires large investments and qualified staff to meet all your needs.

Not all warehouses can offer the security guarantees that ours do. It is often difficult to foresee all the consequences of a change, but MERZCARGO will help you make decisions.

The key to our success is to specialize in our clients, each requiring different processes, times and services. MERZCARGO, offers the best service that fits every need of every client.

Examples of such specialization include:


  • We have equipment to hang your garments to avoid ironing costs once the goods arrive at their destination.
  • Agreements with major airlines to secure space in peak seasons..
  • Swift handling in all procedures at customs.
  • We have a network of warehouses throughout Spain, which allow us to offer efficient distribution, packaging and labelling.
  • These same services can be provided at the place of origin.
  • Quality control inspections before, during and after manufacture.
  • Commitment to deliver goods between 24 and 48 hours in any part of Europe.

Electronics and Technology

  • Commitment to deliver goods within 24 and 48 hours in any part of Europe.
  • Possibility to consolidate all your goods from different suppliers, using our hubs in Shanghai and HKG
  • Issuance of Certificates for High Voltage.
  • Quality control at origin, prior, during and after manufacturing
  • We offer our Customs Warehouses, to aid the payment of VAT in Europe.