Logistics services

Different levels of logistical solutions

Excellent logistics is one of the main objectives in a company. Logistics aim to meet the demand in the best conditions of service, cost and quality

At MERZCARGO we have clearly defined objectives: reliability, short delivery times, low inventory levels and high storage capacity utilization. At MERZCARGO, we will seek a compromise when the client has needs that must be met. Greater profit is associated with the speed of response to the demand.

The main task of logistic distribution is the delivery of products to the customer. This means the processing, storage and transportation. The logistic distribution is necessary because the time, place, and quantity of production differ with time, place and amount of consumption.

At MERZCARGO we have various levels of contracting to provide the best logistics service. We are able to subcontract, outsource transport and store on several levels.

Able to do it all:

  • 1PL (First Party Logistics): sub-contracted transport
  • 2PL (Second Party Logistics): outsourcing of transportation and storage
  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics): outsourcing solving more global problems: implementation of tools, provision of knowledge and systems to achieve the goal.
  • 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics): wider outsourcing, the operator is responsible for the optimization of a global chain including their client, their clients and their clients’ suppliers.