We facilitate your customs import and export procedures

Anywhere in the world we offer door to door services and technical advice on all types of goods, including customs clearance and payment of duty on behalf of the consignor, depending on the INCOTERM used in the sale.

Our clients need customs clearance to be managed by qualified personnel. MERZCARGO has the backing of a full and safe service to resolve all the customs operations required by any shipment outside our borders as efficiently as possible.

Our services:

  • MERZCARGO manages all kinds of permits, licenses and authorizations required for export or import.
  • Customs clearance in all its forms,
  • Fiscal Representation for European companies wishing to make sales at any point in the EEC without opening their own office in the destination country.
  • Receipt of goods in warehouse under customs control, auto-number control (CR) identifiable at customs.
  • Reception and unloading import goods, customs control and automatic numbering of manifestos. (RA).
  • Receipt of goods in warehouse under customs control. Stay with temporary suspension of tariffs and taxes.
  • Performance of triangular operations, with introduction to customs warehouses and duty suspension for subsequent forwarding.
  • Delivery of import
  • Export shipments.
  • Delivery transit.
  • Entering and exiting customs warehouses (DA) and those other than customs (DDA).
  • Processing of licenses or certificates to agencies.

Our added value, advice on:

  • Taxation VAT: VAT exemptions or suspensions.
  • Tariff Policy: correct classification of goods, duty suspensions, etc.
  • Attendance at physical inspections at customs or after in the office.
  • Regulations on the origin of goods.
  • Quality and health regulations.
  • Binding tariff consultations.