Expert Insurance and risk assessors for your merchandise

Merchandise insurance should cover the adverse circumstances that may occur during transport, that is why, at MERZCARGO, we offer and advise on insurance that best suits your needs.

At MERZCARGO, we offer advice on the most suitable insurance service, depending on the means of transport that our client will use, the destination country and the characteristics of the merchandise. We draw up an insurance plan according to the needs of the client and their goods. To minimize damage that may result from transportation, we advise you on the insurance and the packaging of the goods.

MERZCARGO has created its own insurance department, attending to and advising clients directly and externally linked with a commercial partner company, the insurance group Cobertis, who are specialist in our sector.

Our Services

Class 1: Insurance for damage to merchandise

  • Division 1.1 Voyage policy
  • Division 1.2 Term policy
  • Division 1.3 Floating policy
  • Division 1.4 Policy per billing

Class 2. Maritime and transport liability. Transport operator liability. Coverage:

  • Division 2.1 liability for the load
  • Division 2.2 Third party liability
  • Division 2.3 Liability for errors and omissions

Class 3. Fleet insurance

  • Division 3.1 Fleet Insurance with basic coverage
  • Division 3.2 Fleet Insurance with optional coverage

Class 4. Insurance for merchandise warehouses.

Class 5. Advice on insurance and packaging of goods