Development opts for rail access south through the center to the Port of Castellón

Development opts for rail access south through the center to the Port of Castellón after assessing the various submissions to the study report . This was confirmed the last October 1 the Councillor for Infrastructure, Planning and Environment , Isabel Bonig , after meeting with the Director General of Railways, Ministry , Miguel Pozo , to address the different actions Development has planned to carry out in the railway for the development of Valencia.
The meeting discussed the new access to the Port of Castellón , the development of supporting logistics nodes along the ports of Castellon , Sagunto , Valencia and Alicante and progress for the European wide implementation of the Mediterranean Corridor .
About the new rail access to the Port of Castellón , Bonig Development announced that it would prefer the southern access through the center , the project “which had a more immediate execution and was supported by the Department with the consent of the County and the municipalities affected ” . It also reiterated that the Councillor has to develop a whole administrative process prior to tendering the choice but maintaining the commitment that in 2015 , the Port of Castellón is connected to the European rail width .
Mediterranean Corridor

Also at the meeting studied the development of logistics nodes support Valencian ports located on the Mediterranean Corridor , Valencia – Fuente de San Luis , Alicante , Castellón Sagunto .
“Ultimately, it is the development of infrastructure that will serve to energize and consolidate freight logistics and port activities of Valencia ,” said the Councillor , ” both from the Consell Development as we work to advance the Corridor Mediterranean and intermodality be necessary to achieve its goal of making Valencia in the south gate of Europe ” .
In fact , he said ” one of the items that has been growing is destined to railways with 327 million euros, up 27.66 % from previous budgets .” In this sense , the Councillor said investments and Mediterranean Corridor High Speed lines , ” which had a 190 million euro budget from 2013 to 266 million in next year’s accounts .”
On investment of 232.4 million for the Mediterranean corridor , said Bonig is a definitive commitment by central government basic infrastructure and fundamental to Valencia and for Spain .
For the Councillor , ” we have moved from project budgets and realities in this way in 2015 , the ports of Castellon and Valencia will be connected with European gauge and Alicante in 2016 . Moreover, the AVE to Castellon come in 2015.” Also said that they are meeting the deadlines established for the development ” of infrastructure so important for the whole Region as Corridor , which will be the engine of our economy to be such as our front door Mediterranean southern Europe .”

Source : The Journal of the port