Baja California Sur , in the crosshairs of Spanish investments

Our country is the fourth largest investor in the Mexican state. The overall regional FDI now accounts for 2.7% of Mexican investments

The Mark Spain is trading higher on Mexican soil and food products , fashion and habitat made in Spain are positively valued by consumers

The thriving Mexican economy is starting to reap the rewards through the legal and regulatory framework that allowed the Latin American country has a bright future for Spanish companies wishing to invest in the territory . The high investments that our firms are devoting to the development of infrastructure , products and energy generation processes have begun to capitalize on big profits. According ProMéxico Trade and Investment , an investor only takes six procedures and nine days to start a business in the country, compared to 38 days in China and 119 in Brazil .

Spain is currently the second largest investor in the country , behind only the United States. Since 2005, the Spanish government has implemented the ” Comprehensive Development Plan Market : Mexico ” , based on the highly strategic country for Spanish companies . More specifically , the region of Baja California Sur has become in recent years a priority destination for our companies .

Since 2009 , Spain is the fourth largest investor in Baja California, behind the United States, Japan and South Korea , although the presence is still scarce as Spanish entrepreneurs have spent more business to the center and south of the country. However, the challenge of this State for the constant development has begun to experience the first signs of growth and companies such as Acciona , Aldesa , hotel chains Riu or Melia , Banco Santander and BBVA , among many others, are active in the region satisfactory and beneficial.

During the past year , foreign direct investment exceeded Baja California Sur 252.3 million , representing 2.7% of the FDI received in Mexico . The region is part of the ten states that have the best conditions for the development of investment , as published in real estate consultants Jones Lang LaSalle and CB Richard Ellis.

Baja California Sur , which is known for its natural wonders and world-class infrastructure , is recognized as one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world , especially for American travelers and upper middle class American .

Business Opportunities

The region is known for its good environmental conditions , which facilitate the development of organic agriculture , while water health certification , provides the opportunity to add value to both its fishery products and the development of the aquaculture sector . In addition , the state has great potential for mining of metallic and non-metallic products , leading him to take first place in the national production of gypsum and salt.

Baja California is one of the main business areas most dynamic Mexican shows in the field of medical industry , since it accounts for 45% of the market for such products and services. During the year, investments amounting to 22 million dollars ( 16.5 million euros). Of all the municipalities of Baja California, Tijuana stands out as the most important because of the 66 companies in the industry installed in this state, 27 firms operating in the town.

Baja California Sur is also touted as ‘ mega – region ‘ of the aerospace industry , with the State of California, United States . In fiscal 2012 , there were investments of $ 135 million , an amount for the current year exceed 400 million. Currently , the region contributes 50 % of the employment generated by the aerospace industry nationwide, with about 15,000 jobs and 65 firms in the area.

The concept of ‘ mega – region ‘ started four years ago from the alliance between Tijuana , the largest city in the state of Baja California , and the U.S. city of San Diego , an initiative focused on attracting investment and promoting both sides of the border .

Regarding the renewable energy sector , the area has better development prospects is the wind . Approximately 22 of the 31 states can be located in stockings operational wind farms over 20% , as is the case of La Rumorosa in Baja California. The Mexican Wind Energy Association has estimated that these 22 areas could provide a capacity of 10,000 MW. The current installed capacity is around 2,200 MW indicating that there is still significant scope for capacity utilization . The lack of an adequate transmission network for evacuation of electricity from points of generation to the point of consumption or the location and land use , is one of the main problems facing the country as most wind resources on land are governed by agrarian communities , which makes the process of negotiation and sale .

In terms of infrastructure , the region currently has 16 seaports and four international airports. Mexico will invest 73.580 million on roads in the period 2012 to 2018 , and part of this budget will go to the network transpeninsular Baja California. In addition , the tourism sector in Baja California Sur is located in the growth and consolidation of the various economic activities in it. The hotel investment , golf course and luxury residential areas are driving the development of the towns of Cabo San Lucas and Loreto.

Today, the brand Spain is trading higher on Mexican soil and food products , fashion and habitat made in Spain are positively valued among Mexican consumers , that identify them as property of exclusivity, design and quality. On the other hand , we have the technological competitive advantage to the language and business culture over other competitors such . Spanish companies are considered , in general, serious and with a very good offer in terms of quality and price , especially in areas with a lot of technological value such as concessions and infrastructure management.

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Source : ICEX