Flexibility, agility and efficiency in cost and airfreight service

We comply with all IATA specifications and the strictest quality controls in our work processes in airfreight.

All of our clients rely on our airfreight services, because of our experience in AUTOMOTIVE, AEROSPACE or PHARMACEUTICAL companies, which ensures flexibility and efficiency in both cost and  service.

You can count on us for any of your requirements,  that is a fact. A highly qualified team in airfreight, with offices worldwide, can offer you many advantages over main competitors.

Airfreight is the most recently developed method o transport with the following essential characteristics::

  • Speed Airfreight is the fastest means of transport that exists, offering the ideal solution for logistical procedures.
  • Safety Airfreight  is the safest existing means of transport, largely linked to rail transport, obtaining high safety ratings.
  • Flexibility In the airfreight  is a great range of aircrafts for each type of transportation.
  • Monitoring control electronic monitoring systems and transport systems permit close monitoring of the exact location of the goods at all times in the airfreight
  • International Globalization Air transport, by its very nature, permits connection to any point on the globe. This connection and adaptation is due to the significant presence of new technologies, computerized and standardized procedures worldwide.

Our value added services in airfreight:

  • Traceability at any moment of shipment
  • All-inclusive cost calculation
  • Door to Door Service
  • Fast and urgent services 24/48 h “AOG”
  • Possibility of charter flights